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How to Create Animated Video Online with GoAnimate

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We have told you little about in our previous articles, i.e. How to Export Transparent Background Video in After Effects CS6 and How to Create Animated Video Online with ANMISH in Seconds, so current article is further addition to our last article related to online animation. ANMISH online animation helps you to create online animation with limited characters and limited environment. But you can create advanced animated video online by GoAnimate, where you can create your own characters, create animation with multiple characters and much more.

Here you will get many ready-made characters and backdrops for your animation, so that you can quickly create your animation. You can either add your own voice to characters or can add voice by text to speech features included in GoAnimate. So if you want to learn and Create Animated Videos Online with GoAnimate then watch our embedded video or follow below step by step guide.

How to Create Animated Video Online with GoAnimate

How to Signup with GoAnimate

  1. First of all click here to visit Goanimate
  2. Here you will see three categories to sign up with Goanimate
    • Videos for Fun, which is free to sign up
    • Videos for Schools, which needs payment with sign up
    • Videos for Business, which also needs payment with sign up
  3. Now here we will test and sign up, Videos for Fun account, click on sign up now button
  4. Then click on sign up for Basic button
  5. Enter your details for sign up and select check box to agree terms and condition
  6. Then click on sign up
  7. You will receive an Goanimate account activation mail in your registered email ID
  8. Click on activation link to validate your mail id and activate your account
  9. Now click on login top-mid side in the screen
  10. Enter your login details to login to your Go animate account

How to Create Animated Character Online

  1. Now first we learn how to create animated characters in Go Animate to create our animation movie
  2. Scroll down to bottom of the page and click on any character tab
  3. Then choose size, shape, apparels, face design, accessories of the character one by one
  4. Now after finalizing your newly created character, save the character.

How to Create Animation Online

  1. Now we will create animation with ready made characters available on Go Animate, so click on make a short video link
  2. Then click on go and choose stage and characters for your animation
  3. Then either records dialogues in your own voice or write dialogues for text to speech feature
  4. Here you can edit emotions and voice also for any character
  5. Now after completing your Animation
  6. Click on next to preview your animation video
  7. Click on save video and then add title and description for your video
  8. Finally click on publish button, where you have 2 options, publish on go animate or directly publish on YouTube

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