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Few days ago I received a mail from a person who want to write guest post for my blog.Until now i haven’t thought about guest blogging,but i liked the idea and now i am inviting guest bloggers from blogosphere to write quality guests posts for my blog. So my blog readers can find different types of articles on my blog.
Techstic Blog covers different topics ranging from Technology, Gadgets, Computer, Internet, Softwares, Automobiles, Different consumer offers and schemes, various kind of Tips and Tricks, Business, Blogging etc. Hence you can send us Original Articles and we will feature it on our blog for free.

You are invited to share your expertise with our readers and in return receive visitors and a Backlink from the article. Send your post on mail(mail id : admin@techstic.com or hamarasathi2010@gmail.com) with subject line “Guest Post: Your Post Title Here” and write your name, your email-id, your website or blog name(if any), your post and attach or embed related pictures or videos in mail. If its selected we will publish them on our blog with your credits.

Advantages of Guest Blogging :

(1) If you are a new blogger who has just entered the field of Blogging then ‘Writing for Us’ would be one of the best job, because your article would be features on our blog which is visited by many visitors every month.
(2) Your Full Name would be listed at the begining of the article (i.e. This guest post is written by “your name” who runs “xyz(your website/blog name with link)”
(3) The benefit of Guest Blogging is that at the begining of each article you will get a Link to your website or blog with your name and website/blog name. You are also allowed to add one more link to your blog in between anywhere in the post.You have just mention in bracket as here (link to my own blog : write your url here )
example : (link to my own blog : http://www.xyz.com/abc.html) and place this bracket after the key word where you want to add your link)
(1) We accept only articles which are 100% Original, hence submit the content which is never published anywhere on the web, if not the article would be rejected.
(2) The article you submit should be related to Technology, Gadgets, Computer, Internet, Softwares, Automobiles, Different consumer offers and schemes, various kind of Tips and Tricks, Business, Blogging etc.
(3) We only allowed 1 links to your blog. But all these link should related to same blog,and not related to more than one blog.
(4) If you have taken screenshots in the form of Images & Videos which you would like to be embedded in the article, you can send them to us through email as mentioned above.
(5) If you refer to other websites, articles or Images, make sure that you add proper credits for the link within the article.We will check them and then publish them.
(6) We are not paying money to any guest blogger
Articles We Dont Accept / Common Rejection Reasons
(1) Sponsored paid articles / links
(2) Previously published by you or anyone else in same/modified form on your/any other site
(3) Self promotional articles for your product / service
(4) Fake author info (nicknames are OK)
(5) Inappropriate / abusive language
(6) Defamatory content / suggestion
(7) Linking out to banned sites / adult sites / redirects
(8) Copyrighted content
(9) Too short(i.e. 3-4 lines)
(10) Not following guidelines
Guest Post Format
* Introduction – Your name will be introduced in the first line as “Guest post by”. Name can be linked to your site.
* First line – Choose the text carefully as first line automatically becomes the META description tag of the article and affects seach engine search result rankings.
* Article Text – Web readers have short attention spans. Add bold, underlines, paragraphs and h3 tags wherever required to give your article text more clarity. Try bullets, numbered lists to get a better copy.
* Images – Post at least one image ,so that your post presentation looks better.

How to Submit Guest Article

  • Send your article by email to admin@techstic.com or hamarasathi2010@gmail.com with subject line Guest Post : Your Post Title
  • Attach article in html format preferably (or MS-Word, txt) or add text in email.
  • Attach images separately with email.
  • Add you details in mail also (i.e. write your name,your email-id,your website or blog name)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When will the article be published? – We sometimes discuss with the author to edit the article to make it perform better for you. Article will go live ASAP (1 hour -7 days) depending on how well you have formatted the content. If you have any particular timing or day of choice – do let us know. Please format articles as per guidelines to get them published really fast.
  • Can I make any changes once article is published? – If there are minor edits, just let us know.
  • Why is my article not published? We recieve a lot of guest articles requests everyday, but we are able to publish few articles only.  Ensure your article is outstanding and meets the guest post format. Check the reasons for rejection above.
  • I want to publish more articles? Sure. Keep sending them in.
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